Brisbane’s Lucas’ Papaw Ointment still going strong after more than a century - Courier Mail

IT’S an iconic Australian product that has found its place in the make-up kits of the rich and famous, the backpacks of not-so-rich Aussie adventurers all over the world and the medicine cupboard in the average household.

Brisbane-based Lucas’ Papaw Ointment has made the popular product, in its trademark red tubs and tubes, at its Acacia Ridge factory for more than a century.

Chief executive Kevin Talbot’s great-grandfather, Dr Thomas Lucas a surgeon and botanist founded the business, which has been handed down over several generations and is now owned and operated by Kevin and his wife Eileen.

Originally from London, Dr Lucas came to Australia seeking a warmer climate and embarked upon a search for native plants with medicinal properties.

“He found a papaw and called it the most wonderful tree in the world,” Mr Talbot says.

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