Setting the story straight

Dear Lucas Papaw Customers

There is currently a lot of interest in our products on social media and in the press. Over the past 108 years, we are honored to have become a household name and a staple item in many medicine cabinets across Australia, and indeed around the world. We are very proud of the benefits of our products, of the healing nature of what we do and our ability to help people of all ages in their everyday lives.

The work we do at Lucas’ Papaw Remedies ensures that our product is safe for all ages, it is effective, it is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), it is made from Australian grown papaws, all other ingredients are sourced from the highest quality accredited suppliers, and our product is made wholly in Australia. We have even stayed with Australian tube and jar makers to support Australian industry. We are an Australian-owned company that is operated by family members and direct descendants of our original founder, Dr T. P.Lucas.

We aren’t particularly media savvy. We are pretty old fashioned to be honest. We have a basic website and aren’t really active on Facebook. We still peel our papaws by hand to ensure only the highest quality fruit is used in our ointment. However it is important to us that accurate information always circulates about our brand and products that benefit so many. Our company has survived depressions, world wars and recessions and we want to keep it going from strength to strength.

Thank you for taking the time to read the following facts. Please contact me personally for more information on 07 3273 1549.

Yours sincerely
Lynette Swinglehurst
General Manager (great great granddaughter of Dr Lucas)


1. Why 39mg/g of fresh fermented papaw?

The natural fermentation process we use, which is exclusive to Lucas’ Papaw Remedies, concentrates the powerful enzymes found in papaws. In fact this fermentation process is the secret to the effectiveness of Lucas’ Papaw Ointment and we are the only company to create fresh fermented papaw in Australia. Hundreds of papaws are used to make one batch of concentrate. This fresh fermented concentrate cannot be applied directly to the skin. The concentrate must be distributed within the carrier (petroleum jelly) to achieve the correct concentration for safe and effective application to the skin. It is the same as a pain relief tablet where a small amount of paracetamol (active ingredient) is contained in each tablet (carrier). Papaw is a natural antiseptic and healing product.

2. What are the ratios/formula for the ingredients in Lucas’ Papaw Ointment?

We have fully disclosed everything that is in our ointment on our website and Facebook page. However our formula is a closely guarded family secret. Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products protect their formulas and ratios by copyright, patents and trademarks and they are never revealed. To expose our formula is to invite others to make it and effectively end a 100+ year old company. As a proud Queensland and Australian owned company it is our strong desire to see the legacy of Dr Lucas live on and for our products to continue making a positive difference in the lives of so many.

3. Is petroleum jelly harmful to me and my family?

No. Lucas’ Papaw Ointment contains high quality pharmaceutical grade petroleum jelly as the carrier for the active ingredient – Fresh fermented papaw. Petroleum jelly does not block pores, is not carcinogenic or toxic. It is certified to comply with international and Australian safety standards. In fact, petrolatum has been affirmed to be non-comedogenic (does not block pores) and to not cause allergic reactions (American Academy of Dermatology Invitational on Comedogenicity, 1989).
More information and scientific studies about petroleum jelly can be found in many places online. Here are a few links for your further information:

4. What is Lucas’ Papaw Ointment for:

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment is a healing product. It is to be used as an aid for healing the following skin conditions:
Gravel rash, cuts and minor open wounds, insect bites, dry and chapped skin, nappy rash, minor burns and scalds, and sunburn. It is ideal for lips if you want to help heal or sooth inflamed, chapped or broken skin.

5. Is Lucas’ Papaw Ointment a moisturiser?

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment does not contain any extra moisturisers. It helps skin retain moisture which stops it from drying out and keep its own hydration, but the main benefits are the healing qualities of the product. Lucas’ Papaw Ointment does not contain sun protection factors.

6. How many staff do you have?

From our humble beginnings of just my grandmother and my mum we are now up to 40 staff!

7. Where are you based?

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment is made in one place only, our premises in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

8. How did your company start?

After years of research and experience as a botanist and surgeon, Dr. T. P. Lucas discovered the properties of the papaw tree. So he created a number of remedies made from the papaw and believed it to be the finest antiseptic yet discovered at the time. (Only the papaw ointment continued after his passing) He created a company to promote the papaw products and it has carried on ever since then to this day.

9. What products do you sell?

We only sell the one product – Lucas’ Papaw Ointment. We package it is four sizes, 200gm, 75gm, 25gm, and 15gm

10. Why is petroleum jelly in your products?

Dr. Lucas chose petroleum jelly for three main reasons:

  • it seals the wounds from the airborne bacteria
  • it holds the active ingredient – fresh fermented papaw, on the site of application
  • it allows the correct concentration of the active ingredient to be applied to the skin (pure fresh fermented papaw is too strong to be applied to the skin)

Subsequent investigation and review of scientific research into petroleum jelly supports the fact that it is a safe and widely used product.

10. What is the TGA? Why is this important?

The TGA is the Therapeutic Goods Administration. They are the regulators in Australia of all therapeutic goods. When a product is listed with the TGA, as Lucas’ Papaw Ointment is, the product must prove its effectiveness against any health claims made, and it must be audited against the Code of Good Manufacturing Practices. The TGA conduct audits on a regular basis to ensure safety and effectiveness of the product.