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Research project

Research project

Atopic dermatitis endotypes: Relationships and correlations of IgE serum levels and protein biomarkers

Research conducted by

  • Professor Pablo Fernández-Peñas, Head of Dermotology, Westmead Hospital, University of Sydney (Australian College of Dermatologists)

Research summary

Funding is being used towards a research grant project being conducted by the Australasian College of Dermatologists in the hope that for all Australian eczema sufferers there will be better outcomes and maybe one day a cure for their condition.

Eczema is a common, frustrating and often debilitating skin condition that doesn’t discriminate by social, economic or ethnic group. It is sorely misunderstood and can exact a significant physical and emotional toll on sufferers and their carers’ quality of life.

At present there are many variables in eczema diagnosis and treatment which needs to be addressed as Australia has one of the highest allergy rates in the world and also a very high incidence of eczema occurrences in the population. More research would hopefully shed light on this disease and what measures are required.

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