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Facts About Lucas' Papaw Ointment

Fact - Why does is seem like there is only a small amount of papaw in each pack?

The fermentation process concentrates the powerful enzymes found in papaws. Hundreds of papaws are used to make one batch of concentrate.  This fresh fermented concentrate cannot be applied directly to the skin.  The concentrate must be distributed within the carrier(petroleum jelly)  to achieve the correct concentration for safe and effective application to the skin.  It is the same as a pain relief tablet where a small amount of paracetamol (active ingredient) is contained in each tablet (carrier).

Papaw Ointment Secrets

It’s the home grown healer that has developed a cult following across the world. With no flashy endorsements or designer nametag, why has Lucas’ Papaw ointment become a celebrity staple?

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Brisbane's Lucas' Papaw Ointment still going strong after more than a century

IT'S an iconic Australian product that has found its place in the make-up kits of the rich and famous, the backpacks of not-so-rich Aussie adventurers all over the world and the medicine cupboard in the average household.

Brisbane-based Lucas' Papaw Ointment has made the popular product, in its trademark red tubs and tubes, at its Acacia Ridge factory for more than a century.

Chief executive Kevin Talbot's great-grandfather, Dr Thomas Lucas a surgeon and botanist founded the business, which has been handed down over several generations and is now owned and operated by Kevin and his wife Eileen.

Originally from London, Dr Lucas came to Australia seeking a warmer climate and embarked upon a search for native plants with medicinal properties.

"He found a papaw and called it the most wonderful tree in the world," Mr Talbot says.

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Channel 9 QLD Extra Interview 2009

The Lucas Papaw Ointment Factory 2009

Channel 9 QLD Extra visited the Lucas Papaw Remedies factory in 2009.  Here is a link to their story on the manufacture and use of Lucas Papaw Ointment.

Lucas Papaw Ointment Youtube Video



Copy Cat Alert

Wow we are shocked at how dishonest some manufacturers can be.

We are asking our wonderful customers to be very careful when purchasing Lucas’ Papaw Ointment.  Our dedicated customers and supporters have let us know that there are now products for sale that look a lot like Lucas’ Papaw Ointment but are not.

Some tricky manufacturers are using our red packaging colour and setting up their black printing and placement of logos so that their products look a lot like the tried and trusted Lucas’ Papaw Ointment. One has even copied our round logo and put their own name in it! These manufacturers are trying to fool our loyal customers.  We have received numerous emails and letters from disappointed customers who have mistakenly picked up one of these copy cat brands.

You can be sure that our company, Lucas’ Papaw Remedies, only makes one terrific product – Lucas’ Papaw Ointment.  We concentrate hard on making Lucas’ Papaw Ointment the best it can be so we do not make any other forms of products.

If we ever have to change anything about our packaging, (for example this year we put a new seal on our 25gm tubes), we let our customers know in advance through our website,  and FaceBook page, .

Please be especially careful when you shop for Lucas’ Papaw Ointment to make sure you are picking up our trusted and effective brand.



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