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Lucas' Papaw Ointment Wins Most Popular Lip Balm in Trip Advisor Travellers' Choice Awards

Australian travellers named Lucas' Papaw Ointment as their favourite lip balm in the TripAdvisor 2014 Australian Travellers' Choice Awards for Travel Favourites this week.

TripAdvisor conducted surveys in each country using a total panel of more than 5,500 TripAdvisor travellers to select a shortlist of brands/products in each category.
A total of 95,056 travellers (including 4,838 Australian respondents) then selected their favourites from the shortlists.

"We are really pleased that we've been chosen by so many people" said Lynette Swinglehurst, Manager of Lucas' Papaw Remedies.  "We know it is an ideal item to take with you for all sorts of uses when you travel but it is great that other people think so too."  

Lynette said she hoped Lucas' Papaw Remedies new 15gm tube with lip applicator made it even more useful for travellers.

To read more about the TripAdvisor 2014 Traveller' Choice Awards in their official press release, please follow this link, TripAdvisor Press Release, to their official 2014 Travellers' Choice Award Blog.

New Safety Seal for 25gm tubes of Lucas’ Papaw Ointment

In keeping with our aim to provide the best product for our customers, Lucas' Papaw Remedies has released a new version of our 25gm tube with a new tamper proof safety seal.

A spokesperson for Lucas' Papaw Remedies said, "We felt our customers were being inconvenienced at times by the previous version of our tamper proof seal. Because of this inconsistency we have decided to move away from a moulded seal and now produce our tubes with a peel off seal which we think will be consistently easier to remove."

You should see the new tamper proof safety seal on the 25gm tubes of Lucas' Papaw Ointment coming through your retail outlets soon.

Lucas' Papaw Remedies would like to thank their dedicated customers for their valued feedback.

Please contact Lucas' Papaw Remedies if you have any questions about the new tamper proof seal or other questions about Lucas' Papaw Ointment.

Ingredients for Lucas' Papaw Ointment - no palm oil or glycerin

Lucas-Papaw-Australia - smaller file

Recently, false and destructive comments were made on Facebook accusing Lucas’ Papaw Remedies of using palm oil and glycerin in Lucas’ Papaw Ointment.

This is totally incorrect.  Lucas’ Papaw Ointment does not contain and has never contained palm oil or glycerin.

Lucas’ Papaw Remedies prides itself on the quality of ingredients used in Lucas’ Papaw Ointment.

All Lucas Papaw Ointment produced is stringently tested to ensure it is of the highest quality.

Our commitment to quality is total. The manufacturing process is in complete compliance with the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice as administered by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). The ointment is prepared in an extremely clean environment to ensure it is free from impurities.

 We take great care with the ingredients and manufacturing process we use so that you can trust the Lucas’ Papaw Ointment red tubs and tubes every time!

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment - New 15gm Tube with Lip Applicator

ointmentLucas’ Papaw Ointment now comes in a new 15gm tube with a lip applicator. “We’ve been asked to add a lip applicator for the last few years and we’ve finally done it” said Lynette Swinglehurst, the manager of Lucas’ Papaw Remedies. “We are also continually asked to put it into a smaller tube so that it fits more easily into pockets and small handbags. So we think this 15gm tube with lip applicator really hits the mark”.

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Copy Cat Alert

Wow we are shocked at how dishonest some manufacturers can be.

We are asking our wonderful customers to be very careful when purchasing Lucas’ Papaw Ointment.  Our dedicated customers and supporters have let us know that there are now products for sale that look a lot like Lucas’ Papaw Ointment but are not.

Some tricky manufacturers are using our red packaging colour and setting up their black printing and placement of logos so that their products look a lot like the tried and trusted Lucas’ Papaw Ointment. One has even copied our round logo and put their own name in it! These manufacturers are trying to fool our loyal customers.  We have received numerous emails and letters from disappointed customers who have mistakenly picked up one of these copy cat brands.

You can be sure that our company, Lucas’ Papaw Remedies, only makes one terrific product – Lucas’ Papaw Ointment.  We concentrate hard on making Lucas’ Papaw Ointment the best it can be so we do not make any other forms of products.

If we ever have to change anything about our packaging, (for example this year we put a new seal on our 25gm tubes), we let our customers know in advance through our website,  and FaceBook page, .

Please be especially careful when you shop for Lucas’ Papaw Ointment to make sure you are picking up our trusted and effective brand.



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